There are 477* steps in the lifecycle of an insurance policy.

And InsurSys Does them All.

For a modern MGA or Program Manager:
Rate, Bind, Issue isn't enough....

Navigating the intricacies of insurance operations, from the allocation of policy number syntax to determining the necessity of facultative reinsurance when total insured values surpass your treaty authority, demands a seasoned tech partner. When was the last time you engaged with a tech vendor well-versed in the nuances of treaty authority, let alone one who strategically incorporates such insights into your management system? Our software is designed with an in-depth understanding of these operational requisites, ensuring a seamless integration into your business workflow.

* After completing over 50 specialized program and custom software packages, we took a step back to analyze the core essence of these projects. Despite their unique nuances, we noticed a recurring similarity in their foundational processes. Conversations among programmers often revolved around comparing methodologies adopted in previous projects for one particular client only to find out that it was actually like the process for another client.  ("Hey is this like CRC?"--  "No. Its like Gallagher Kansas City" )

This realization led us to conduct a methodical walkthrough of the software used across various programs, utilizing a whiteboard to dissect and understand the processes. Through this intensive review, we identified 477 distinct steps encompassing a policy's lifecycle—from accepting the risk and assigning the underwriter, to the renewal decision-making process, and everything in between. These steps cover an array of tasks including managing surplus lines, issuing binders and certificates of insurance, tracking loss ratios, and ordering inspections, to name a few.

We distilled these insights into a standardized 477-step process framework. Our analysis revealed that individual program underwriters typically deviate from this structured process around 70 times. To accommodate this, we've integrated 477 hooks within the program, facilitating rapid development and deployment of customizations to meet the unique demands of each project.